Lady Victoria Valente is a sympathetic but at the same forceful beauty who understands about a wide range of classical dominant techniques and practices.


Among her favorite pastimes are forms of eroticism related to leather fetish, high heels shoes and boots, pantyhose and feet. She also enjoys trampling, cling foil bondage and silk scarf bondage, sissyfication, flagellation (bare hand, cane, flogger), roleplaying, slapping, verbal humiliation, nippletorture, CBT, ballbusting, anal stretching, fisting and powerfisting, slave training, human ashtrays, ass worship & facesitting (only safe !!) , forced feeding, spitting, playing with cigarettes, smothering, humiliation, punishment scenarios, exhibition, dressage, wax torture...
Are you an enthusiast of classical dominance and appreciate enjoying your submissive and masochist side in a hotel room or in a private setting of yours?
Lady Victoria Valente will visit you in your hotel room or in your private accommodation to live out her female dominance.
You will come to, at all time discreetly, enjoy the fruits of many different variations of methods and practices.
Do you prefer a professional setting - the atmosphere of a real studio? A session at Studio Domatrix in Stuttgart is possible.

-Get-togethers at Studio DOMATRIX in Stuttgart